The best way to get the project done is to get Tou-it!

Touit can take an application and significantly improve performance by designing the computing system around the application.

Whether the application requires a DSP, GPU, FPGA, or a heterogeneous computing system, Touit has the expertise required to get the project done.

Touit Boards


PCI Express image processing board capable of performing 140,000 phase correlations per second. Echelon can be used for real-time image recognition or as a co-processor to rapidly search through an image database to correlate images.

Touit IP Cores

PCI Express

PCI Express IP cores with low level interfaces to the 'raw' packet information, and high level local bus interfaces for easy setup and use.

Memory Controller

SDRAM memory controller and interface. Connect to SDR, DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memories in a variety of configurations.


Both 1D and 2D FFT cores for real-time signal processing. Configurable to a wide range of FFT sizes in power of two increments.

Phase Correlation

The phase correlation IP is a highly integrated and parallel design enabling it to achieve real-time data throughput of many thousands of frames per second. The design's architecture is scalable to power of two square frame sizes.